Our Vision

Understanding and determining cultural phenomenons is crucial in relation to proper branding, choosing pertinent advertising mediums, connecting with specific demographics, expanding corporate footprints into new markets, and so on. In our opinion, an Advertising Agency, regardless of its specialty, should serve as a cultural thermometer to its clients. Understanding cultural movements in the market place allow agencies to advise on everything from styles and demographics to media placement and new product development.

Our Philosophy

An Agency should be a culture shop whose campaigns become an extension of its own brand. Every department within the Agency should pride itself on a commitment to branding through culture. A corporate culture and brand should be defined by it’s look, actions, and employees. Whether the corporate culture is a ‘shoes off’ approach or a ‘suit and tie’ atmosphere, the collateral released by the Agency should reflect this culture on all levels. The Agency brand should not be reflected only in client meetings, presentations, or the web site. The Agency should be committed to disseminating it’s brand via blogs and social media as well as through more experimental projects, videos, and campaigns that showcase the creative. Thought leadership, discussion groups, seminars, temporary retail locations, partnerships with other creative venues or outlets are all necessary vehicles for brand extension.

Meet the team

  • Mike Riddle

  • Creative Director

Mike Riddle is a professional designer and illustrator with over 12 years of experience. He holds a BFA degree from Savannah College of Art and Design and attended the Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA.

  • Corey Gibbons

  • Studio Director

Corey Gibbons is a Dothan resident whose creativity, experience with traditional production techniques, project management, and knowledge of industry standards make him an invaluable part of the team.

  • Jacob Washofsky

  • Director of Project Management

Jacob brings entrepreneurial experience to the team with three successful start-ups under his belt. Jacob’s experience, organization, and client management skills help keep team members on track and partners happy.

  • Russell Wiggins

  • Design Director

Russell Wiggins is a designer, and production expert. Russell brings more than 10 years of design and production experience that allows him to oversee a project from concept to delivery.

Our Skills