Flat Granny and Me

These direct mail pieces were created for The Wiregrass Museum of Art to promote the exhibition of artist Jenny Fine’s Flat Granny and Me: A Procession in My Mind. Jenny Fine photographed her grandmother for the last ten years of her life. Since her death, the artist continues to want to make work alongside her. Inspired by the “Flat Daddies” project – life-sized photos of military members that help families cope during deployments, Fine created “Flat Granny” as a stand-in for her deceased grandmother. “Flat Granny” is a cardboard cutout of her grandmother made from the images taken of her while she was alive. In a recent attempt to reanimate her still image, Jenny Fine turned “Flat Granny” into a costume.

Flat Granny and Me is an ongoing series of performances with “Flat Granny” that take place within theatrical, constructed environments. These imagined spaces are shaped by Fine’s family’s narratives and are a collision of the past and the present, straddling the line between fantasy and reality.

Two pieces were created to promote the exhibition opening, the first piece “Memories: A Grandparent Photo Wall” encouraged patrons to take part in the art by photographing their own grandparents and honoring their stories in a crowd sourced photo display. The second piece marketed the exhibition opening.

Graphic Design